Woman with measure tape, outdoors Simple and safe treatment for weight loss, helping you to lose weight naturally. Dr Ping’s Weight Loss techniques use acupuncture to reduce your desire for food and help you control food intake. Exercise and a sensible diet are of course a healthy and desirable choice. Ping’s Clinic will help you achieve great results. Acupuncture for weight loss is particularly effective for many varieties of obesity and of course for those who need body fitness and slimming. RELAX AND LOSE WEIGHT! Acupuncture for weight loss treatments are $75 per session, or make great savings by pre-paying a package different choices are available.

Is Weight-Loss Acupuncture Effective?

Weight-loss acupuncture is simple, safe, painless and reliable. It is designed specifically for your requirements, suiting you as an individual. There is no crash dieting, no dehydration; no strenuous exercise; no diarrhoea. Acupuncture weight loss is safe, healthy and has no side effects. Better still, many diseases caused by obesity are treated and regulated while you are losing weight. Period disorder, constipation, acne spots, fatty liver, hypertension and diabetes are all managed during the acupuncture treatment. This treatment is most effective for people aged between 18 and 60. It is not instant: it takes time to gradually lose weight and improve your health. You can target specific areas or reduce your overall body mass.

Eat Well and Lose Weight

Acupuncture has to be combined with a good diet to be effective. There are three simple principles:

  1. If you are not hungry, don’t eat!
  2. If you are hungry then eat green vegetables, lean meat and eggs until you feel full
  3. Don’t eat sweets and fatty meat, potato, lotus root, vermicelli etc

No Starvation Diets!

Weight-loss acupuncture does not mean starving! There are many approaches to losing weight but the acupuncture approach is based on eating well and definitely does not involve “starving”. Excessive dieting may lead to anorexia, digestive organ dysfunction and other serious consequences. When dieting the human body metabolism is reduced and the underlying metabolism is less able to deal with fat. Once on a normal diet the changed metabolism results in increased fat and consequent weight gain. You can end up more overweight than when you started the diet. No starvation dieting is one of the biggest advantages of weight-loss acupuncture.

How Acupuncture Weight Loss works

Weight-loss acupuncture stimulates the meridians to adjust the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal cortex and the sympathetic-adrenal medulla system function. This speeds up the basal metabolic rate; promoting fat metabolism, increasing heat production and uses up the accumulated body fat. Weight-loss acupuncture improves and repairs your body’s own balance. By stimulating the acupoints it will strengthen the spleen and kidney, removing stagnation and eliminating local fat.


Some patients have higher than normal amounts of lipid peroxide in their bodies, so weight-loss acupuncture is used to reduce the content of lipid peroxide. This accelerates the metabolism of fat and achieves overall weight loss.

Abnormal Appetite

Abnormal appetite is corrected by stimulating carefully chosen acupoints. The weight-loss acupuncture reduces the feeling of hunger by slowing gastric peristalsis and inhibiting gastric acid secretion. This simple but very effective acupuncture technique reduces achieves weight loss through helping you not to feel hungry. You eat less and lose weight!

Endocrine Disorder

Endocrine disorder is the cause of obesity for many people. Women suffer from this particularly after giving birth, when the endocrine balance is disturbed. At menopause, the endocrine imbalance can again result in weight gain. By regulating the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal cortex and the sympathetic adrenal cortex systems, weight-loss acupuncture corrects the endocrine disorder. Fat metabolism is accelerated and weight loss is achieved.